Could you live in a tiny home community with your best friends?

If you clicked on this story, there’s a good chance you’d love to do so Everything With your best friend. (Can you check out the latest offerings at your favorite antique store? Are you enjoying cuddling on the couch with your latest streaming obsession? Absolutely nothing? Check, check, check.) But in 2011, four couples took their friendship one step further by… During the creation of a wonderful community called “Bestie Row”.

Located on a 10-acre parcel a stone’s throw from Austin, Texas, “Bestie Row” is filled with a collection of tiny homes built by local architect Matt Garcia. Designed to resemble a modern barn, this complex certainly has plenty of Southern hospitality. But Bestie Row is environmentally friendly, too. As Garcia said Garden and gun Back in 2014, each of the 350-square-foot tiny homes was designed to be energy efficient, thanks to its heavy-duty spray foam insulation and a cantilevered “butterfly” roof that captures rainwater.

While Bestie Row’s commitment to innovative, energy-efficient design is certainly something to celebrate, this community originally went viral because, frankly, living with your best friends feels… amazing. (There’s also a 1,500-square-foot common area so you can spend some quality time with your inner circle.) Fun fact: “Bestie Row” was previously listed on Airbnb — talk about the perfect place for a friends getaway.

But, more than a decade after Bestie Row was built, the complex is going viral again thanks to a recent post from Pubity. When the famous Instagram account asked whether its 34.8 million followers would do something similar with their friends, the answers varied. On the one hand, a few fans were completely on board. For example, one commenter tagged some friends and wrote: “Shall we?” However, many people were convinced that the novelty would quickly wear off. “It would be a mess if the group chat had a pool together,” one wrote. Another said: “I feel like it will be fine for a while but then it gets really annoying…”

Naturally there were other fans with somewhat…Good, colorful thoughts on “Bestie Row”. “Things are going to turn around Fight club “Coming soon,” one viewer wrote. Meanwhile, another fan was convinced the residents were “100 percent slutty.” For a darker look at the setting, one follower simply said, “Horror movie plot.”

The most important question: Is it possible? You Living with all your best friends? Drop this in the group chat and let us know what everyone thinks!

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