Consultation events have been announced for major house building schemes

Telford & Wrekin Council is holding sessions as part of consultations on its draft Local Plan.

People will be able to speak to the council’s strategic planning team and site promoters for larger sites to find out more and share their views on the proposals.

An 11-week consultation on the proposal began last month.

The draft plan, which runs from 2020 to 2040, identifies where housing and business projects could be built across the region during that time period.

In it, the council has put forward a number of potential sites for 8,800 new homes and 134 hectares of new work space.

Sites for more than half the homes needed in the next 20 years already have planning permission, so the draft plan seeks to find new sites for the remaining 8,800 homes needed – the equivalent of 441 homes a year.

With the number of new homes built in the area peaking at just under 1,500 in 2022, the draft Local Plan forecasts a decline in this level of growth.

Three “sustainable urbanization” (SUE) sites are planned in the north of the city – each with thousands of homes.

One on land north-east of Muxton will provide 2,700 homes, another on land north-west of Bratton and Shawbirch will provide 2,100 homes, and a third on land north of the A442 at Wheat Leasowes will include 3,100 homes.

Five events are planned across the borough, starting in Telford town center on Thursday 23 November, followed by three sessions close to the areas where SUE units are proposed.

The meetings will also be attended by site promoters, and another public session at Horsehigh.

Members of the Council’s strategic planning team will also be present.

Councilor Richard Overton, Deputy Leader of Telford and Wrekin Council and Cabinet Member for Housing and Enforcement, said: “We encourage all residents and stakeholders to actively participate in these events. The Draft Local Plan for Telford and Wrekin is a crucial document that will shape the future of our borough. Your contribution is invaluable in ensuring Create a prosperous and sustainable community.

Sessions will be held as follows: 4pm to 7pm on Thursday 23 November, at Meeting Point House, Telford Town Centre; from 4am to 8pm, Tuesday, November 28, at the Shawbirch Community Centre, with a particular focus on the proposed SUE near Bratton; From 4pm to 8pm, Wednesday 29 November, at the Ligomerie Community Centre, focusing on the proposed SUE near Wabenshall; 4pm-7pm, Tuesday, December 5, at Horsehay Village Hall; From 4.30pm to 8pm, Tuesday 12 December, St John’s Church Hall, Muxton, for a proposed SUE near Muxton.

The consultation will continue for eleven weeks, until Friday 12 December.

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