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The Hailey City Council was prepared Monday to hold the second reading of an ordinance approving a two-building, 32.5-square-foot, 18-unit residential project at the south end of River Street — along with two required density waivers — but the discussion was canceled after the developer failed to reach a Agreement with the city by the time of the scheduled meeting regarding the number of units to be restricted.

Wood River Valley resident Larry Feiner is currently building a two-story luxury car dealership behind Karl Malone Ford near Friedman Memorial Airport. To house the agency’s future employees — who would be recruited from within the community, the developer said — Feiner proposed the Maple Street Apartments at 51 West Maple St. He hired architect Owen Scanlon to design the project.

On May 1, a smaller, 30-foot-tall version of the Maple Street project received unanimous design review approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission, allowing Fenner to apply for a building permit from the city. However, in June, the advance team discovered that at least one of the buildings would have to be at least 32 feet tall because the grade of the ground changes from corner to corner — which conflicts with the city’s 30-foot building height limit on the South River. street. The team reapplied for a planned unit development agreement, a type of arrangement that gives developers more headroom and volume if they agree to provide some sort of community amenity, such as park space or deed-restricted housing units.

Developer Larry Feiner’s planned unit development application for the Maple Street Apartments was approved by the Haley Planning and Zoning Commission on July 17, but needs final approval from the City Council to move forward.

Architect addresses criticism over design and ‘conflict of interest’

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