Clear Creek Tahoe opens its viewing doors

Clear Creek Tahoe has sold 306 homes out of 384 potential home sites, with lot sizes ranging from a half-acre to 3.19 acres.  Lot prices range from $822,500 to $3.8 million.

Clear Creek Tahoe has sold 306 homes out of 384 potential home sites, with lot sizes ranging from a half-acre to 3.19 acres. Lot prices range from $822,500 to $3.8 million.

On September 9, the private community of Clear Creek Tahoe (located between Incline Village and Carson City on the eastern slope of the Carson Mountain Range) hosted The Builder Architect Showcase, giving real estate agents, members, prospective buyers and others the opportunity to learn about the exclusive award-winning architects, builders and home designers behind Newest Home Concepts in Clear Creek Tahoe.

About 170 people attended the event, which consisted of a self-guided tour of 11 properties. Four of the homes were for sale while the others were privately owned, allowing attendees to catch a glimpse of those currently living and embodying the mountain lifestyle. People were also able to visit Clear Creek Tahoe’s Coore + Crenshaw Golf Course and Athletic Campus.

Clear Creek Tahoe has sold 306 homes out of 384 potential home sites, with lot sizes ranging from a half-acre to 3.19 acres. Lot prices range from $822,500 to $3.8 million. Nearly 69 homes are under construction and six have been sold in 2023 so far, for a total of $42.2 million in sales. Construction on Clear Creek Tahoe began in 2017, and of the homes sold, 65 percent of residents live in the prestigious development full-time.

“It’s a real community,” says Georgia Chase’s Clear Creek Tahoe sales manager.

“The first homes were completed in 2018 and launched in 2019. Then Covid slowed things down due to supply chain issues in purchasing building materials, but that didn’t impact demand.

“We’re trying to restore this building to its previous condition (with the Builder Architect Showcase). We’re introducing new builders and new architects from San Francisco and Reno, and there’s a lot from Truckee.

Chase compares homes in Clear Creek Tahoe to Camp Martis in Truckee in terms of quality and value. This makes sense, considering that Development Director Keith Frank worked at Martis Camp for 18 years before helping plan the Clear Creek Tahoe community in 2016. His background in construction and architecture planning upscale homes in the Truckee Tahoe area was an asset to this area New emerging.

In Clear Creek Tahoe, the developer releases the land and then the builder comes in and designs a home site. There are 23 to 24 homes with certain specifications, the highest selling price for a home was $10.75 million, and escrow closed about a month ago.

Along with the Coore + Crenshaw Golf Course, the 20,000-square-foot clubhouse (with 5,000 square feet dedicated to fitness/wellness activities), and the restaurant, Clear Creek Tahoe features a members-only ski lodge at Stateline on the shores of Lake Tahoe. It’s called the Twin Pines Lake & Ski House — and features Julia Morgan architecture — and a ski bus transports its members to Heavenly Mountain Resort.

Clear Creek Tahoe has attracted many buyers from the Bay Area and other major cities, with Nevada’s residency tax breaks attracting many potential buyers, Chase says. This coupled with a plethora of activities such as pickleball, mountain biking, golf, swimming and private hiking trails within the serene mountain landscape makes Clear Creek Tahoe one of the most upscale and exclusive areas in Northern Nevada.

About 60 builders, architects and interior designers were part of The Builder Architect Showcase, showcasing some of their best and most innovative designs. When asked about some of the most interesting custom creature features that Clear Creek Tahoe homeowners have, Chase responded: “There are homes with golf simulators inside; there are homes with golf simulators; beautiful wine rooms and cellars; lots of creatively designed outdoor entertaining spaces ;Specific garages for golf carts and pet stations.

“I’ve seen people doing unique things…one resident built an underground basketball/pickleball court, and there are more infinity pools that we see now. We have these types of amenities offered to everyone, but people build their own amenities.” “Everyone wants to be special,” she smiled. Members build family compounds and attach guest houses using natural materials that seem to fit into the landscape, Chase explains.

There are about 7-8 different styles of homes in Clear Creek Tahoe, ranging from modern to ranch, transitional, traditional mountain and everything in between. However, Clear Creek Tahoe has design guidelines.

“Any future building would have to be approved by a committee. We want it to be aesthetically pleasing and look like it belongs in the mountains, but still be organic,” Chase says.

“There is fine architecture here; we can bring visions to life in a community like this. This is still an undiscovered gem in this area,” she adds.

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