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As we prepare to celebrate the holiday season, the atmosphere of our homes takes center stage. The positive energy within our living spaces plays an important role in shaping our experiences and relationships during these special times.

Vastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture, offers insights into enhancing the energies in our homes. We explore some simple yet powerful principles that can help create a harmonious and joyful environment.

Elegant entrance

The entrance to your home is where positive energy flows from. Make it attractive with fresh flowers, vibrant rangoli designs or an elegantly lit lamp. Vastu suggests placing auspicious symbols or idols near the entrance, so make sure it is free of clutter to allow the energy to flow freely. One simple way to bring in positive cosmic energy is to mount a copper “ohm” on the wall above the door frame.

Intricate rangoli patterns

The traditional art of creating patterns on the floor not only adds aesthetic beauty but also promotes positivity. Colors and symmetry of designs have a profound impact on the energy of your home. During the festive season, decorate your doorstep with intricate rangoli patterns to enhance positivity.

Balanced lighting

Lighting sets the mood for celebrations. In Vastu, soft and warm lighting is preferred for the festive season. Use diyas (floor lamps) or candles to create a peaceful atmosphere. Avoid harsh or fluorescent lighting, as they can disrupt the peaceful energy in your home.

Fresh flowers

Flowers have the unique ability to infuse positive energy into spaces. During celebrations, decorate your home with fresh flowers. The fragrance and vibrant colors create a cheerful and upscale atmosphere. Consider placing flower arrangements in the prayer area or other important locations.

The power of prayer

The holiday season is a time for spiritual reflection and gratitude. Create a designated prayer area in your home, preferably in the northeast direction. It should be clean and well-lit, which encourages peaceful vibrations. Regular prayer and meditation can increase positivity.

Positive artwork

Art can influence the energy of your home. Hang paintings or artwork that keep with the festive spirit. Vastu recommends using images of deities, nature, yantras, or scenes that radiate joy. Avoid artwork that depicts negativity or violence.

Smell and perfume

Festive celebrations often include the use of incense or agarbatti. One can use aroma diffusers. Choose perfumes that reflect the festive spirit. Scents such as sandalwood, rose or jasmine are considered auspicious. Not only does it create a pleasant atmosphere, but it also helps in purifying the air.

Time to get rid of the clutter

Traditionally, this is a good time to declutter and repaint your home. Get rid of unnecessary items that disrupt the harmony of your living spaces. By cleaning your home, you allow new energy to flow.

Harmonious colours

The choice of colors in your holiday decor can affect the energy of your home. Vastu recommends using vibrant colors such as red, yellow or orange, which are associated with joy and celebration. These colors can stimulate positivity and improve the atmosphere.

The perfect sound

The sounds in your home should be harmonious. Play soothing music or soothing chants during your celebrations. Avoid loud or harsh sounds. Mantras or devotional music can enhance the spiritual atmosphere.

Cleansing after the feast

After the celebrations are over, cleanse your home of any remaining or stagnant energies. Open windows to allow fresh air to circulate. This post-celebration cleanse ensures that your home remains a positive and lively place.

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