Celebrity wardrobe designer Lisa Adams shares her secrets for staying organized this fall and beyond

As the creative force behind LA Closet Design, Lisa Adams has created gorgeous, carefully curated closets for Hollywood celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Tyra Banks. She started her business in 2007 after working on the operational side of a luxury kitchen and bath company.

Once she took the leap into designing a custom closet, she never looked back.

“I really realized that closets weren’t on many designers’ radar,” she said. “It seemed like a niche market that could benefit from the same level of detail and distinction as other areas of the home.”

Credit: Megan Pearl O’Brien

Lisa’s company creates luxury closets and dressing rooms, prioritizing clients’ specific lifestyles without sacrificing aesthetics and accessibility.

“Ultimately, all of the decisions we make are to create a space that is very intentional, making the process of getting dressed easier and more fun,” she said. “At the same time, I want it to be a space that you enjoy, and it should complement your personal style.”

Seasonal swap

Closets can quickly become a mess, especially when transitioning from one season to the next. With fall just around the corner, Lisa thinks rotating pieces based on the season is a great way to free up space and maximize space.

For her clients, she builds systems that make sense so they can stock up on items they won’t need in the off-season.

“This may entail creating doors on the upper cabinets so you can store things you don’t need access to in out-of-reach areas. We also like to do a mix of open and closed storage to hang in the closet, so you can rotate your pieces where the pieces you wear are.” Currently visible, hard-to-reach items are protected behind doors.

Maximize space

Closet space is prime real estate. Triple hanging, using hidden compartments, and utilizing every inch of your closet are ways to maximize space, Lisa said.

“Custom drawer extensions are a game changer in any part of the home – they purposefully separate items, and create a structure you can follow when putting things away. This helps keep things tidy, and makes it much easier to know where to go to find On something.

“Never put anything down”

To help curb the occasional (or recurring) urge to throw things on the floor, Lisa recommends starting a routine of putting clothes and shoes back in their proper place so things don’t pile up.

“Never put anything away; put it away,” she said. “Good design can go a long way in breaking these habits, and I firmly believe that most of us would put things in their proper place if we had a ‘place’ for everything.”

Credit: Megan Pearl O’Brien

Lisa has more celebrity closets, creative space projects, and new construction on the horizon. Additionally, the LA Closet Design team deploys its services in New York, Tennessee, and Texas.

“Every closet reveal is rewarding in its own way, seeing someone’s personal style come to life in a truly practical and meaningful way that will improve their everyday life!”

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