Catskills Forest Cabin, Eldred, New York State

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August 23, 2023

Design: Coming soon Architecture Studio

Location: Eldred, South Catskills, New York, USA

Catskills forest cabins in Eldred, New York

Photo by Andrew Foo

Half Tree House, New York State

SOON Architects have renovated a home in Eldred, just south of the Catskills, New York. Set in a wooded area, the newly renovated house takes advantage of its surroundings by arranging windows on each facade to look out over the surrounding forests, which are mainly pine, oak and maple.

Catskills forest cabins new york

before renewal Catskills Forest Cabin The house had good bones, the timber frame and foundation were in good condition, but the windows were very small and the basement was not used as a livable space.

Catskills forest cabins new york Catskills forest cabins in Eldred, New York

“The building’s finishes were in poor condition. The basement was completely unused. The house was set within a beautiful wooded area but showed no interest in communicating with its surroundings.” The design had to enable this small building to reach its potential as a family vacation home By connecting it to the outdoors and using every square footage available to it,” SOON director Chad Murphy explained.

Catskills forest cabins, Eldred, New York

On the entry level where the basement has been converted into a livable space, wood walls and tiled floors welcome you into a simple and solid vestibule space. The sauna, fitness/meditation room, guest suite and support services share this lower level. From the entrance, a staircase emerges to welcome you upstairs to an open, light-filled living space surrounded by an equally sized outdoor deck.

Catskills forest cabins, Eldred, New York

The kitchen, dining and living space share the double-height volume, pierced by new oversized windows to bring in the surrounding forest. This is the heart of the cabin, centered on a new wood-burning fireplace, where the woods are as much a guest as those who occupy the spaces within. Also on this floor are two more bedrooms with modern views of the outdoors.

“We moved and widened the windows, playfully positioning them to frame different views of the surrounding forest.”

Upstairs, under the slanted ceiling, lies a small wood-panelled family room. There is a niche at the top of the stairs that protrudes above the living spaces below and features custom balustrades with oak slats and painted steel. These spaces above provide a moment for contemplation and reflection from within the tree canopy.

Outside, the cabin is clad with a simple live-edge jagged, horizontal siding made of local white pine. This traditional siding is finished with black pine tar, giving the exterior a muted, matte finish that honors past building techniques while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Catskills forest cabins in Eldred, New York Catskills forest cabins, Eldred, New York

“The siding is a real hit. Visitors from all walks of life really like it. Visitors to the city tend to like it for its modernity and dark colour. Locals tend to like the fact that the modern renovation uses familiar wood finishes and is used in a respectful way.”

At dawn and dusk, an abstract composition of golden hues illuminates the windows as the volume of the cabin recedes into the surrounding forest.

Catskills forest cabins, Eldred, New York Catskills forest cabins new york

Catskills Forest Cabin in Eldred, New York – Building information

Architects: SOON Architecture Studio –

Catskills forest cabins in Eldred, New York

The project size is 1800
The site area is 217,800 square feet
End date 2022
building levels 2

Catskills forest cabins new york

Photography: Andrew Fu

Photo/Information Received for Half-Tree House, Sullivan County, NY #230823


Location: Location: Eldred, South Catskills, New York State, USA

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