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Join us as we recreate Dora’s steak and Tiger Moth Airship soup, which looks just like it does in the movie.

On August 19, Studio Ghibli added a new recipe book to their “Ghibli no shokotaku kodomo ryori ehun“(“Ghibli dining table Illustrated cookbooks for children”) A series that presents us this time with a number of recipes for preparing food that we saw in the animated movie of 1986, Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

▼ The book retails for 1,760 yen (US$12.10).

While the book encourages parents and children to prepare meals together, our correspondent Saya Togashi saw that recipes couldn’t be too challenging, so she decided to create two meals that had fascinated her for a long time – Tiger Moth Crew Stew and the A piece of pork that Dora ate.

▼ Dora’s meat appeared on the front cover of the book.

Saya is a novice cook, so if she can make these dishes, anyone can! You decide to start with the “pork chop,” which is actually a hunk of roast pork, as you need to marinate it overnight.

The recipe calls for a 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) piece of meat, which must be brushed with oil, garlic slices, and bay leaves and left to marinate overnight.

The next day, I tied the pork in a tight pile with cooking string, preheated the oven, and put it in the oven for 60-70 minutes.

While all this was going on, it was time to start preparing the soup, which Cheetah is famous for making in the Tiger Moth airship.

▼ Let’s find out how many hours it took Cheetah to cook her famous stew.

▼ First, prepare some large pieces of beef.

▼ Then chop the vegetables into large pieces.

▼ Add the meat, onion and water to a large saucepan, then add the bay leaves and simmer for 1 hour.

This hour of cooking time would have given Cheetah some time to clean up the dishes and tidy up the kitchen for the next step in the cooking process, which is to add the tomato paste, potatoes and carrots and heat for another 30 minutes.

By this time the pork seemed to be almost done, but now it needs to be wrapped in aluminum foil and left to rest for 20 minutes.

At this point, the soup was already beginning to resemble the soup in the movie, and the place smelled great.

It’s now been two hours since the cooking process started, and the soup is now ready to eat with just one last ingredient – cheese!

Saya had always remembered how Sheeta would very skillfully grate the cheese in the bowl, so Saya pulled out a knife to do it just like the character did.

Now that your meat and soup are ready, it’s time to eat like a pirate on a balloon.

The difficulty level of the two aforementioned items were rated Easy to Normal, which seemed like a fair assessment since there wasn’t anything technical about them. However, they do take time to prepare, so Saya was happy to set aside two hours of cooking time.

▼ However, once the meals were finished, those hours were worth it!

Dora’s steak looked absolutely fantastic, but it was missing one thing… a knife!

Saya couldn’t help but smile as she stuck the knife into the meat and raised it to her mouth, just like Dora does in the movie.

▼ It was so delicious!

Saya’s only complaint was the string, as it gets in the way of her predatory bites, but she needed it there for the anime’s aesthetic.

This was my first time making roast pork, and I couldn’t believe how delicious and delicious it was. The marinade infused the pork with so much flavor that she went so far as to say it was one of the most delicious meat meals she had ever had in her life. No wonder Dora loved him!

▼ Next, it’s time to try Tiger Moth’s stew.

Saya was excited to try it, because it was so good in the movie that all the pirates said “okawari” (“seconds”). She tasted the spoonful, and was immediately transported to Sheeta’s cramped but homey balloon kitchen, where the mouthwatering, home-cooked flavor filled her heart and taste buds with delight.

The beef was tender and flavorful, given the long simmering time, and the vegetables, though chunky, were cooked well. The tomato sauce was a bit tart, but counterbalanced by the addition of cheese, which added a subtle flavor to the mixture.

▼ As with a lot of things, the more cheese you put in it, the tastier it gets.

It was one of the best things she had ever eaten, and when her bowl was empty, she lifted it up in the air and yelled, “Okawari,” just like an air pirate.

▼ Okawari!

Image: Studio Gebel

Not only was Saya impressed with the flavor of these meals, but how similar they were to the ones in the movie. Now that she’s having success with her Meal Ghibli, she can’t wait to try more recipes from the book, and next time she’ll be wearing her Cheetah costume for the occasion.

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