Buying a log cabin: five aspects to consider

A log cabin adds a lot of charm and character to your home because it can be converted into a comfortable sitting area, a useful study, or a second office. Whatever your reason for wanting to install a log cabin in your garden, it will undoubtedly be a very good investment. If you’re planning to purchase a log cabin to add to your modern log cabin, it’s important to consider a few elements to ensure the log cabin fits perfectly with your garden, budget, and desires. To help you get started, we will provide you with four main aspects and some minor aspects to consider when purchasing a log cabin.

Planning permission

Before you buy a log cabin from, it is essential to check whether you need planning permission. Check with your municipality to find out if you are allowed to put up a garden shed and what conditions (size, height, etc.) it must meet.


You may want to buy the largest log cabin available, but if your yard doesn’t allow for it, you could have a big problem. The maximum size of your new hut is determined by the size of your garden. Additionally, consider the items and supplies you want to store in your log cabin. If the log cabin will be used to store a lawnmower, gardening tools and furniture, it should be larger than if it is intended for just a few tables and chairs. If you plan to use it as a garden office, training space, or guest room, choose one of the larger, luxurious log cabins. This compartment will be spacious enough for your desk, bed, and more.


Most people choose a flat roof because it is the least expensive option. This roof ensures good drainage due to its 2% slope. You can make your roof waterproof by adding aluminum foil or roofing felt. If you prefer a pitched roof, choose a pent or gabled roof, as these roofs also ensure quick water drainage. If you want something a little more luxurious and unique, consider a western red cedar or gambrel roof.


We recommend choosing a log cabin model with doors that are not prone to getting wet faster. This will ensure the sturdiness of the doors and maintain the shape of your log cabin, preventing it from shrinking or expanding.

Other quick asides

Finally, let’s touch on the smaller aspects that are also crucial when purchasing your log cabin. It is considered:

  • Wall thickness: A wall thickness of 28mm is the most common option, but for a log cabin with a longer lifespan, choose a thickness of 45mm.
  • appearance: You can choose from pentagonal, square, rectangular log cabin, etc.
  • Ventilation mesh: No log cabin is complete without a ventilation grill, which allows moisture to escape from your log cabin.
  • institution: Our specialists often work with concrete or level tiles because it allows the log cabin to be installed quickly and correctly.

By keeping these elements in mind, you can choose the perfect log cabin that matches your garden, budget, and preferences.

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