Bufan Bam’s exclusive interview about the role of Teito Mama in Takeshi’s Castle

Takeshi Castle It was the favorite worship of that day. The best part was Hindi’s Javed Jafari’s funny commentary on the bizarre tasks in which participants often fall to the ground. Even today, the popular Japanese show and Jafari’s endless reign evoke a feeling of nostalgia in many millennials. The good news: Takeshi Castle It’s now streaming on Prime Video With an all-new Hindi reboot with actor and content creator Bhuvan Bam on commentary, who will be reviving his film BBK Vines a personality Tito mama. Streaming exclusively on Prime Video, the show introduces new obstacles but retains the essence of the original show, as over 100 contestants take on various crazy challenges in hopes of winning the lucrative prize of 1 million yen. We interviewed Pam to learn about his work experience Takeshi Castle With Prime Video. Edited excerpts.

Takeshi Castle on Prime Video

1. What is your fondest memory of watching the show?

I used to watch the program on TV during my school days. Every day, the last bell at school made me excited to go home and watch the episodes. This is truly my fondest memory of Takeshi Castle.

2. Regardless of Tito mamaWill the audience get to see any other character from ‘BB ki Vines’ in the show?

No, just Tito Mama. I feel like it’s the perfect combination of knowledge, satire, and roasting that there’s no other way around BBK Vines The letter is.

3. What adaptations have been made to adapt this international show and make it suitable for Indian viewers?

The missions in the Hindi reboot remain almost the same but the commentary has an Indian touch. Benefit Tito mama The character, I have tried to mix Indian references in a satirical way. As exotic as the tasks are, Indian commentary is like a cherry on the cake.

4. Some reports say that you spent 120 days perfecting the script and dubbing for the show. Can you take us through that journey?

The scriptwriting process was a combination of well-written jokes, combined with perfect comedic timing and some improvised lines. Dubbing comedic lines is tiring because you hear them so many times that you need a third perspective to make sure they’re really funny. Also, I had to keep myself updated with current events so I could add relevant jokes.

Takeshi Castle on Prime Video

5. If you had the opportunity, would you want to be a contestant on the show?

Nah! You need bones of steel to be a contestant in Takeshi’s Castle!

6. Many millennials relate to Javed Jafari’s comment on Takeshi’s Castle. How do you feel about stepping into his shoes?

Stepping into Jaaved Sir’s shoes was undoubtedly the hardest part of being on the show. I’m a fan Takeshi Castle Because of his comment. But I’m honored to have this opportunity to do it in my own style, and I hope I make him a little proud.

7. What has been the hardest part about voicing Takeshi’s Castle so far?

Timing the punch line is the hardest part because the pictures of people falling and sliding are really funny.

Takeshi Castle on Prime Video

8. What’s your Prime Video watchlist for the holiday season?

I plan to finish Sort And also re-watch all new episodes of Takeshi’s Castle!

All eight episodes of Takeshi’s Castle are now streaming Prime Video.

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