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Hurricane Ian destroyed Sheena Brook’s Fort Myers Beach home but she still has her guitar and will perform four shows on Fort Myers Beach as part of the Island Hopper Songwriters Fest including a sold-out benefit at the Mound House. Image provided

A year ago, popular Fort Myers Beach musician Sheena Brooke put the COVID pandemic in the rearview mirror and was gearing up to be a major part of the Island Hopper Songwriters Festival on the barrier islands of Fort Myers Beach, Captiva and Sanibel.

Brooke was enjoying her success last weekend when Hurricane Ian descended on the island and uprooted her life and home. She and his wife, Summer Stockton, lost many of their possessions and had to demolish their Fort Myers Beach home. While they have since moved away from the island, Brooke has kept her MacPherson acoustic guitar and will be bringing it back to Fort Myers Beach soon.

On Friday, September 22, Brock will begin an eight-show local tour over the next week that will begin at Captiva and end at Fort Myers Beach as part of this year’s Island Hopper Songwriter Fest.

“I’m excited,” Brock said.

Most emotional for Brooke will be her shows in Fort Myers Beach, which begin Friday, September 29, with an opening evening show at Cabanas Beach Bar and Grille.

Sheena Brook will perform at the Island Hopper Songwriter’s Fest with a series of dates starting at Captiva September 22-24 before returning to Fort Myers Beach the following weekend for four shows. Provide the image

There will be a benefit that is close to her heart, as she headlines a sold-out benefit show at the Mound House on September 30 with country musician and Fort Myers native Brian Sutherland.

“I am honored that they chose me.” Brock said. “I asked Brian to play it with me because he’s another kid from Florida.” Brock said. “He’s unbelievable – so talented.”

Brooke said she often visits Mound House, usually once or more a week.

“I love the hill house” She said. “It’s so beautiful there. We take my dogs there a lot. I love the sidewalks.” Brook enjoys views of the trees and bay on the spacious property. “It’s a beautiful piece of tranquility” She said. Although sometimes she and Summer have to yell at boat passengers who travel too fast through the No-Wake Zone.

Brooke won’t have much time to rest after her Mound House performance. She’s scheduled to arrive at the Yucatan Beach Stand & Grill that night for a free show with Tim McGeary starting at 6:45 p.m.

Sheena Brooke performed at the opening of Bayside Park last year on Fort Myers Beach. Photography by Nathan Mayberg

Her last scheduled performance at the festival will be at Bayside Park on Sunday, October 1, and it will be a fitting end to Brooke’s festivities as she played at Bayside Park’s pre-Hurricane Ian opening with a country folk song about the island. Sea turtles and one of their catchy tunes “Another day in paradise” Books about the beach.

Brock will kick off the festivities with shows at Captiva’s Key Lime Bistro on Friday, September 22, followed by a concert the next day poolside at Captiva’s Twin Waters Resort & Spa and two more Captiva shows, including one with Little Punta. Jorda Adriana Macdonald phenomenon (see festival schedule on

In addition to her show at the Mound House and Cabanas in Fort Myers Beach, Brooke will host the festival’s after-party at the DiamondHead Beach Resort.

“Last year was crazy.” Brock said. “It was one of my best years” Brock said. I especially enjoyed hosting “FEM Pride Party” On Hooper Island last year. “It was a great year and then the hurricane came.”

This year, Brock said it is “I’m looking forward to enjoying this without the PTSD.”

Sheena Brooke incorporates a mix of country and R&B into her songs, which she will perform at Captiva and Fort Myers Beach as part of the upcoming Island Hopper Songwriters Festival. Photography by Nathan Mayberg

Brooke came to national attention when she was selected for Season 12 of NBC’s The Voice, after being chosen by Adam Levine. Since her debut, Brooke has played with numerous platinum award-winning songwriters and artists. Earlier this year, she released her new single “Katie baby” And “rule the world” On Spotify. While she typically records in Nashville, Brooke chose to record her latest single in Fort Myers

It’s a busy time for Brock, who was preparing to head to Annapolis this weekend to perform.

Earlier this year, she recorded a new song in Fort Myers based on her Hurricane Ian experience. The song focuses on Brooke’s prayers as floodwaters rise while staying at a neighbor’s house. She wrote the song in her friend’s nursery where she was staying. “We’ve moved seven times since the hurricane.” Brock said. Brooke grew up in a Pentecostal religious family, although her identity as a gay person led to a rift in her family, and led her to take up music. “When the flood waters rose, I learned to pray again.” Brock said. “I’m really proud of (the new song).”

Brooke draws her musical influences from a wide range of country artists and musicians such as Angie K, Autumn Nichols, Sugarland and Danny Myrick to R&B singers such as Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé.

After Hurricane Ian, I attended a Nashville benefit that raised money for local workers who lost their jobs because of Ian. A number of Nashville musicians will be performing at the Island Hopper including Megan Linville, who will join Brooke at Bayside Park.

Sheena Brook was able to save her MacPherson guitar from damage to her home in Hurricane Ian even though one of her guitars was beyond repair. She and her wife, Summer Stockton, had to demolish their Fort Myers Beach home and move away from the island. File image

“Songwriters love our city.” Brock said.

Find Brook’s Instagram Friday, September 22 when she hosts “Golf cart karaoke” A performance with four musicians she interviewed and performed while driving a Captiva golf cart.

To Brooke’s grief, she and Stockton were forced to leave the island due to the damage caused by Ian. Their house was hit by another house that was washed away on their street in the Palermo district. They hoped to rebuild but the cost was too high. “I didn’t want to pay a mortgage until I was 70.” Brock said. “We loved our neighbors.” They live near McGregor Blvd. “We loved where we moved to.” Brock said. “If we’re supposed to go back to shore, we will. It will always be special to us.”

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