Bonfire Night fireworks rules, including whether it is illegal to set them off before November 5

It looks like Bonfire Night will be happening for a whole month now, not just one night.

People buy fireworks and leave them in their own gardens before and after bonfire night. However, the public should be aware that there are actually some strict rules around the use of fireworks.

Many people may be breaking the law without realizing it.

Insurance company Zego has compiled a summary of all the rules and regulations surrounding the use of fireworks by individuals. With November 5 fast approaching, the RSPCA has revealed a new poll showing that the British public appears to be increasingly turning against the increasing amount of fireworks being set off randomly by neighbors in back gardens. A new campaign called #BangOutOfOrder has now been launched with a poll claiming that more than three-quarters of people want the UK Government to limit fireworks to just one week during Bonfire Night celebrations.

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) says its campaign aims to “end the fear and distress caused by fireworks to innocent animals”. A campaign spokesperson said: “By raising awareness and calling for responsible behaviour, the campaign seeks to protect animals from harm and encourages UK governments to review current legislation.”

An RSPCA survey revealed that 76% of UK adults feel there should be legal limits on the days on which fireworks are set off. A total of 69% believe the government should limit the sale of fireworks, while 73% believe “fireworks control zones” should be created, Bristol Live reports.

Carrie Stones, campaign director at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), said: “Fireworks impact animals every year – both during fireworks season when they are set to celebrate traditional occasions, and – unexpectedly – ​​out of season for other occasions. While many people enjoy watching displays, the dazzling spectacle of fireworks often becomes a terrifying ordeal for many animals.

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