Billy Joel Vinyl Collection Vol. 2 scheduled in November

THe wrote a press release:Columbia Records And Heritage recordingsCatalog section Sony Music EntertainmentYou will be released Billy Joel – The Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2 on November 3, continuing the ongoing celebration of over 50 years of the legendary artist’s musical magic, both on stage and in the studio.

A set of luxury boxes consisting of 11 Lebanese pounds, Billy Joel – The Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2 Completes Joel’s final vinyl album project that he started with Vinyl Collection, Vol. 1a nine-LP set released in November 2021 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Cold Spring Harbour (Billy’s first solo album, originally released November 1, 1971).

Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2 It will be released near the 50th anniversary of piano man, Joel’s first feature song, it was released as a single on November 2, 1973 with “Joel”. piano man The album dropped a week later on November 9, 1973.

while Vinyl Collection, Vol. 1 Chronicling Joel’s development as a songwriter, performer, and recording artist during his rise from obscurity to international stardom in the 1970s, Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2 Focuses on the surprising next phase of his extraordinary career. Joel has become a household name in MTV Era with some of his biggest chart-topping hits and most beloved songs of all time including Allentown, Girl from the city, A matter of trust, Small piano (duet with Ray Charles), in addition to the three Billboard Hot 100 Chart-topping hits We didn’t start the fire, tell her And It’s still rock and roll to me.

In addition to collecting Billy’s hugely successful albums in the 1980s – Glass houses (1980), Nylon curtain (1982), An innocent man (1983), the bridge (1986) and In front of the storm (1989) – along with 1993 River of dreamshis final studio album of newly written pop songs, Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2 Presents, for the first time on vinyl, an exclusive two-LP pressing of 2001 Illusions and fantasiesa concert album featuring classical piano compositions that debuted at number one on the chart Billboard Classic Album Schedule.

All titles in Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2 Sourced from the album’s original masters (analog and digital) and carefully prepared for this release by Ted Jensen With cut varnish Joe Nino Hernes At the legendary Sterling voice In nashville. The box set includes a 60+ page booklet featuring Joel’s personal notes and thoughts on each album, and an informative essay by Rob TannenbaumRare photos, memorabilia from the era and more.

As a special bonus, Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2 Presents the first audio edition of Billy Joel – Live from Long Islandthe homecoming concert/concert that Billy and his band throw for fans at Nassau Coliseum On December 29, 1982. A radio adaptation of the legendary show was originally broadcast HBO in 1983, while the longer version of the show was very popular VHS Title. This explosive performance is viewed as one of Billy’s best of the era and one of the few to have been professionally filmed and recorded. It is listed as a triple LP soundtrack album on Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2 It is an essential addition to Joel’s classic catalog. New digital edition of Billy Joel – Live from Long Island A concert film will also be available.

Billy Joel – The Vinyl Collection, Vol. 2

Glass houses (1LP)
Nylon curtain (1LP)
An innocent man (1LP)
the bridge (1LP)
In front of the storm (1LP)
River of dreams (1LP)
Illusions and fantasies (2LP) **Debut on vinyl
Lives from Long Island (3LP) **Debut as an audio release

Lives from Long Island Track list

1 | Allentown
2 | my life
3 | Introduction / The Angry Young Man
4 | piano man
5 | Don’t ask me why
6 | the stranger
7 | Scandinavian sky
8 | Movin’ Out (Anthony song)
9 | It’s always a woman
10 | pressure
11 | Scenes from an Italian restaurant
12 | As you
13 | Good night Saigon
14 | dagger
15 | To the night
16 | It’s still rock and roll to me
17 | Sometimes imagination
18 | Big shot
19 | You may be right
20 | Only the good die young
21 | souvenir

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