Barzani family in Kurdistan sells $24 million Beverly Hills home – Robb Report

Nearly a year after it first hit the market for $30 million, a landmark Beverly Hills residential estate that exudes old-world decadence has sold for $24.6 million. The buyers are said to be a family hailing from mainland China.

Located in the prime Beverly Hills Flats neighborhood, this luxury home was newly built in 2016 and was last sold in September 2018 for $27 million to the Barzani family, a wealthy clan that has been the de facto ruler of the Iraqi Kurdistan region for generations. Spanning nearly 21,000 square feet, the gigantic home sits behind gates on an unusually deep 0.72-acre lot, and the property itself is mid-block on one of the most desirable streets for condos.

Although the palace has long been linked to the Barzani family, it is still not entirely clear which member of the family actually owns it. But the most obvious candidate so far is Mansour Barzani, the son of Masoud Barzani, who was president of Kurdistan from 2005 to 2017. Mansour is also the brother of Masrour Barzani, the current prime minister of Kurdistan.

The property took nearly 19 years to plan and complete, and was custom designed to the finest detail for a businessman who died shortly after it was completed.

In any case, the 90210 Palace is actually a true monument to neoclassical opulence. In addition to the elaborate moldings and Louis Fireplaces, on the list. All bedrooms feature full en-suite bathrooms, and the property is equipped with the latest security, lighting and sound systems on the market.

There’s also a two-lane bowling alley, an indoor basketball court, a beauty salon, and a master bedroom suite with its own outdoor jacuzzi on a private balcony. The movie theater boasts a fiber-optic starry sky, resembling a new Rolls Royce, and at the far back of the square is a separate guest house.

Although this deal represents a loss of $2.4 million for them, even before maintenance and closing costs are taken into account, the Barzani family is likely not hurting for money. According to investigative journalist Zach Coplin, the family is worth billions today. Some critics have claimed that much of this wealth stems from the Barzani family’s virtual monopoly on communications, real estate, and the Kurdistan region’s vast oil resources.

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