Bambobuild carves an intricate bamboo restaurant in Vietnam

bambubuild translates natural forms into modern design

In the heart of Long Thanh, a growing rural area Vietnamthe newly constructed Keeng Seafood restaurant Embodies BambooBuildInnovative architecture and construction skills. It is recognized at once for its dramatic and complex Bamboo A structure topped with a thatched roof in the shape of a boat SurfaceThe project offers a visual landmark within the evolving urban landscape. Supported by bamboo structures reminiscent of the nipa palm – a familiar riverside plant in southern Vietnam – the design fuses traditional elements from the natural context with modern design.

BambooBuild King Seafood RestaurantPhotos © Hiroyuki Aoki

Inside King Seafood Restaurant

the Architects BambuBuild faced a unique challenge in designing Keeng Seafood Restaurant – to create a sculptural work of architecture while adhering to environmentally friendly principles and efficient construction. The ground floor plan of the Bamboo Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 180 guests, exudes simplicity of design, strategic accessibility and seamless connection with the adjacent annexe.

In response to the owner’s mandate to create an impressive, eco-friendly structure, BambuBuild embraced bamboo as a structural and decorative element. The use of “solid bamboo,” which the team refers to as “iron bamboo,” highlighted its hardness and strength, making it an ideal choice for construction. Traditional bamboo poles have been transformed into columns, beams and supports, forming a hyperbolic paraboloid – a double-curved structure renowned for its structural efficiency and aesthetic qualities.

BambooBuild King Seafood Restaurant
BambuBuild blends tradition and modernity to create a distinctive bamboo hall with a boat-shaped thatched roof

The parabolic roof is thatched

The Bamboo Hall was formed through BambuBuild’s innovative use of parabolic surfaces as ceilings and columns. These interconnected and interlocking elements allow the roof to extend up to four meters (thirteen feet) at the gable. The curved and double nature of these roofs, which were easily constructed from straight bamboo poles, facilitated efficient construction. The double curvature of the hyperbolic parabola presented a challenge in natural thatch roofing due to its convex and concave shapes. The architects addressed this problem by incorporating trusses and purlins on the concave side, creating a simple sloped roof. This two-layer structural roof has solved the roofing dilemma with the visual appeal of the roof.

BambooBuild King Seafood Restaurant
The double-curved thatched roof reaches four meters (thirteen feet) high at the gable BambooBuild King Seafood Restaurant
The ground floor of the Bamboo Hall can accommodate up to 180 guests Bambobuild carves complex geometric shapes using bamboo and straw in Vietnam
In keeping with an eco-friendly vision, bamboo is utilized as a structural and decorative element

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