Australian homes to inspire your summer home decor

There’s nothing better than wandering into someone else’s living space to get your own inspiration. And over the years, The big cut The team has stuck its nose into many beautiful living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens in our Home Visit series, finding unique interiors found inside warehouses, converted porches, condominiums, and rentals across the country. Each has its own personality – and provides plenty of inspiration to transform your home, whether that’s installing a new pendant light or revamping your entire space. We’ve put together a collection of residences to inspire any sunny season renovations, with practical advice from the owners on how to create an aesthetically pleasing home.

An elegant and tropical semi-beach in Bondi

When you’re a five-minute walk from Bondi Beach, it’s ridiculous no For an outdoor shower to remove salt and sand from your morning dip. Eugene and Debbie Tan’s outdoor bathroom is located on the side of their house, leading into their backyard, a lush tropical oasis. Works by Eugene, the photographer behind Aquabumps, adorn the family’s two-story home, which has a polished but stripped-back Scandi style with plenty of natural woods. The open plan living space is very summer friendly, with folding doors that open on the sides to the elements.

Renovated Victorian home in Elwood

Don’t know where to start with your home decor? Make like Lisa Buxton, owner of contemporary, fuss-free Elwood, and start with your artwork and build the rest around it. “I knew the pieces I wanted in each room from the beginning, and then built the rest of the story around them,” she said. The big cut In 2019. For example, the lush green linen upholstery of the dining room chairs plays with the colors of a large-scale work by artist Stephen Harvey that hangs next to it. To combat the blight of noisy rooms often found in homes of this type — 140 years old — Buxton and her husband, Ari, removed all the downstairs doors, creating a comfortable flow through the living spaces. The house is also proof that a neutral palette doesn’t have to be dull.

A sunny, art-filled 1920s house in Footscray

The home of art collector Freddie Grant proves the power of a good pillow. Colorful pillows of all shapes and sizes furnish its lounges, balancing out the stunning collection of esoteric artworks that line its walls. Grant has a great rule of thumb for adding furniture, art, and accessories to the home he shares with husband Burton Reynolds: He doesn’t leave anything at the front door unless he loves it.

A weekend getaway on the Great Ocean Road

The muted tones of this modern home, a weekend getaway by architect Rob Mills, allow the surrounding nature to sing. It is located between forest and sea, and although this exceptional home does not compete with the natural landscape, its interiors use tactile materials and fabrics to add depth and harmony with what is found outdoors. Want to do a style test before remodeling your home? It can be rented so you can try out the design yourself.

Fun open plan 1970s era loft in Adelaide

Jonathan Oxlade is the resident designer at Windmill Theater Company in Adelaide, where he is tasked with creating entirely new worlds on stage. It’s his eye for worldbuilding that he brings to his L-shaped home, managing to push the boundaries between clean, contemporary lines and the things that give a place its character. Colors flow in the form of artwork, travel mementos and a colorful bookcase against the white walls and natural woods. The gorgeous leafy courtyard is just the cherry on top.

Iconic earth house, North Warrandyte

Designed in the 1970s by furniture designer and designer Tilly Barber, the Earth House is proof that good bones – in this case, raw and repurposed materials by famed Australian designer and builder Alistair Knox – can do a lot of the heavy lifting in your space. Barber is renting her home in North Warrandyte, which is 25 kilometers north-east of Melbourne’s CBD, meaning the structural changes are over. So, she brought in furniture she designed herself as well as carefully selected second-hand pieces that serve to emphasize the home’s essential feel.

Family loft in co-working industrial space, Brisbane

Film producer Sarah Tagudi proves you can combine business with pleasure – the warehouse she owns in Brisbane’s inner north is both a co-working space and a home for her, her husband and her child. The home portion is a light-filled mezzanine above the studios and shared workroom, furnished with pieces from Ikea as well as second-hand items. The playful element is dialed in via a mirror ball in the kitchen, and greenery adds a touch of organic elements to the industrial space.

Sunny mid-century condominium in Fairfield

As more of us stay in shared homes until later in life, it stands to reason that many of them no longer come equipped with beds, wine bottle candle holders, and weird sticky stains of mysterious origins. Designer Kathleen Prentice’s home is outfitted with pieces she made herself, as well as plenty of plants and artwork. Despite being rented, the space feels like a home thanks to the eclectic pieces Prentiss and her housemates brought over — although they would have torn down the lino and updated the bathroom if their names were on the deed.

Light-filled family treehouse in Noosa

Located in outback Noosa, Lou Clark and Amelia Shaw’s home is open and airy – taking full advantage of its mild, tropical surroundings with expansive decks and sliding doors that bring in the outdoors. The house sits on pillars among the treetops, and the light that floods throughout adds warmth to the calm, simple furnishings and artwork. This Noosa retreat is another example of a home with great bones, Shaw says The big cut “Part of the appeal when we bought the house was that we could move in as is and be very happy.”

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