Australia is suffering from a housing crisis and experts say the solution lies in building, not moving out

Medium and high density development in existing suburbs is being promoted as a solution to Australia’s housing crisis.

In suburbs across the country, apartment buildings are popping up everywhere, providing homes for new residents and headaches for some of the more established residents.

Gene Thompson and Sean Terrell say their family is living proof that high-density development can be done right.

They moved into one of the six adjacent buildings built by the non-profit Nightingale in the inner-city suburb of Brunswick last year.

“I like being in the suburbs where a lot of things are going on,” says Ms. Thompson. “So, frankly, moving further wasn’t an option for us.”

Living in an apartment is increasingly the only way couples like Thompson and Terrell, who have a six-year-old daughter, Josie, can find their way out of the rental market.

Father and mother with their little daughter standing on the balcony of the apartment.

Affordability was a priority for Sean Terrell and his partner, Jane Thompson.(ABC News: Daniel Wermer)

Their two-bedroom apartment with a large balcony cost about $724,000. That’s more than the average unit price in Brunswick of $520,000, but cheaper than the average two-bedroom home price of $1.1 million.

“When we were thinking about what to do, we each wrote down the three things that were most important to us,” explains Mr. Terrell.

“We both had affordability – and we didn’t want to take on large amounts of debt.

“Jane wanted something that was well-built, beautiful, and environmentally responsible, and she wanted something that was very well located for bars and cafes, as well as for public transportation.”

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