Attractive installments for apartments in the Al-Watan neighborhood!

The new Homeland neighborhood being built in Minsk World is one of the most promising neighborhoods for investment. The invested funds will not only quickly pay off, but will also bring additional income. The price per square meter of real estate in this quarter will only grow. The construction of the elegant Nesvizh Castle House has already begun. Best prices now: starting from €1,050* per square metre!

The advantage of multifunctional apartments is that here you can register your place of residence and/or register a legal address for your company!

– Possibility of installments for up to 48 months.

Nesvizh Castle House

Nesvizhé Castle is named after the legendary architectural monument of the 16th-18th centuries in the city of Nesvizhé. The architects and designers who worked on the concept of the house in the Homeland district did everything possible to ensure that Nesvizh Castle fulfills the dreams of the best place to live and do business.

The first floor will contain commercial buildings, a sports and entertainment complex with a swimming pool and gym, and the upper floor for a parking garage. The second floor will include commercial and administrative buildings and a café. The project also offers a swimming pool at this level. On floor -1 there will be entrances to multi-functional apartments, public and commercial buildings and a basement for a parking garage.

The house will have an exclusively designed lobby: the place to receive guests and relax, the place that will charge you with positive energy every morning when you leave Nesvizh Castle, and every evening when you return home.

The spacious hallway designed in the houses of the multifunctional complex pleases the eye with thematic wall decorations and a guest lounge. The bathroom will have all the necessary amenities (for example, a changing table for babies).

The basic multi-functional apartments from the third floor to the 16th floor will range in size from 21 square meters to 90 square metres. This is very convenient: you can implement any interior design idea or customize your space to meet your business needs.

The development company is implementing this project in accordance with Decree of the President of Belarus No. 456 of September 22, 2014, as amended by Decree of the President of Belarus No. 370 of October 20, 2020. The document provides for the development of dual-use properties.

The panoramic windows in the Nesvizh Castle house will be tinted (to enhance privacy). Such windows will let in a lot of natural light throughout the year and visually expand the space even in a small area.

A quarter of the country

The new quarter will be small compared to other districts of the Minsk Global Multifunctional Complex. It will stand out for the attractive silhouette of the buildings. A quarter will have:

Two multi-functional buildings With residential and commercial buildings,

school For 920 students (with swimming pool and sports fields),

Kindergarten For 230 children with a swimming pool,

Parking for bicycles,

Ground parking (Its location on the outer perimeter will enable you to easily access the neighboring street during peak hours and move from Minsk World to anywhere in the city via the Minsk Ring Road or via the roundabout in the Old Airport area. As is the case in other neighborhoods, there will be no traffic in the Homeland neighborhood .

Minsk International Multifunctional Complex

Buying real estate in Minsk World allows you to make a promising investment, linking the happy life of your family with the fate of the developing complex and the city in general. Kovalskaya Sloboda metro station already operates within the multifunctional complex. Another metro station, Aerodromnaya, will open its doors soon (tentatively in 2024). Its finishing work has almost been completed.

The project developer is building the International Financial Center. In the future, the international financial center will become a unique financial and economic system with a special legal system for attracting capital and providing financial services.

International Financial Center and Avia Mall

Avia Mall, a shopping and entertainment center, will be opened near the International Financial Centre. The country’s largest shopping and entertainment center is named after Minsk’s first airport. There will be an aviation museum.

Multifunctional apartments are offered today in the Nesvizh Castle House in the Homeland district at the best prices starting from 1050* EUR per square meter!

Multifunctional apartments are a unique opportunity for limitless possibilities for a comfortable life and successful business.

For more information about Nesvizh Castle House, Homeland District, conditions for purchasing residential and commercial real estate in Global Minsk, and payment options using loans or installment programs, please call short numbers. 7675 and 7911Or landline phones +375 17 269-32-90, +375 17 39-39-465, +375 17 38-81-719.

Feel free to come to the developer’s office located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street, Minsk (Vostok metro station). The company’s regional managers can consult you in 57 cities and towns across the country!

Minsk world –

A happy future starts today!

*In Belarusian currency at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

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