ATRA designs an Olson Kundig-designed home in West Hollywood

This Los Angeles townhouse by American designer Olson Kundig is outfitted by furniture brand ATRA with “the best that Mexico has to offer.”

The Garden House, located between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, is designed to be one of eight single-family homes that make up the Rosewood Houses development.

The interior of the Garden House is divided into two areas by a central void containing the staircase

Each of the two-storey residences was designed by Olson Kundig with a unique look and design while maintaining a cohesive language across the collection.

For this particular home, which was designed for a fictional future client, Mexico City-based design studio and furniture brand ATRA used many of its own products to create an environment that complements the architecture.

To decorate the home, ATRA used many of its own products including the dining table, as well as pieces by Mexico-based artists and designers.

“We wanted to elevate minimalist architecture and simplicity of volumes by keeping the home versatile – imagining that the owner could be a young family as well as a Hollywood actor or tech entrepreneur and that the design should not only suit everyone, but inspire everyone The above said the ATRA team.

From the street, the house appears elaborate – composed of dark cladding materials and emphasized horizontally by an extended flat roofline and porch cover.

The volcanic stone desk in the study was also designed by ATRA

The building is entered into a double-height space from the side, effectively dividing the scheme into north and south areas.

A staircase with open transoms and a glass balustrade rises through the central void, its transparency allowing views from one side of the house to the other.

Earthy colors are used throughout the ground floor, including the kitchen

The living room to the north is anchored by a large bronze surround surrounding the fireplace, while ATRA’s Egge velvet sofa and a pair of armchairs face each other across a low stone coffee table.

On the other side of the stairs is the dining room, where the brand’s sculptural Pebble dining table sits beneath a branch-like chandelier by Isabel Moncada, and next to a high-quality artwork by Julio Rizzi.

Upstairs, bolder colors are used to appear like a “happy shell.”

“We curated the best that Mexico has to offer to enhance this home with unexpected artwork and thoughtful designs,” said Gabriela Cotti, principal designer at ATRA.

Furniture in earth tones and finishes is used prominently throughout the ground floor, including a volcanic stone desk in the study and warm wooden cupboards in the kitchen.

A slightly different color palette is used upstairs, where there are glossy gray walls and burgundy chairs in the master bedroom.

“Some unusual warm and vibrant colors were introduced like a happy accident,” ATRA said.

Works by international artists in the home include a wall piece by Ghanaian artist Serge Atukwe Clottey made from a patchwork of yellow gallon containers, and bold striped paintings by French artist Edouard Ng.

The private courtyard at the back of the house includes a plunge pool

Tucked away out of sight at the back of the property is a small outdoor patio featuring a square plunge pool and sculptures by Pablo Arellano.

The eventual homeowners will also have access to amenities at the adjacent 8899 Beverly residential tower, including a pool, covered dining area, gardens, indoor fitness center and yoga studio.

Olson Kundig’s architecture includes dark materials and exaggerated horizontal planes

ATRA also provided furniture and decor for a show apartment at One Wall Street in New York designed by FrenchCalifornia, and launched the modular Nerthus-Sofa system in 2020.

The company was founded by Alexandre Diaz Anderson, who is also its creative director and works in furniture, sculpture, interiors and hospitality projects.

Photography was by Michael Clifford and Nils Timm.

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