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Mayberry Partners with to revolutionize the home buying experience

Colorado Springs, CO, November 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Mayberrya new community in Colorado Springs, may be inspired by the walkable cities of the past, but it takes a cutting-edge approach to selling homes through a partnership with, a fast-growing company pioneering AI-based real estate solutions. This collaboration brings a new level of convenience and customization to buyers, centered around affordability and flexibility.

AI tools that provide greater efficiency are quickly becoming common in our daily lives. Now, the real estate industry is seizing the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence. Mayberry The partnership will help buyers find and design a home that fits their budget, needs, lifestyle, and lifestyle, while giving builders information about market demand and evolving buyer behavior.

“Our goal is to make the home buying process easier for buyers. With, we want to remove barriers for buyers, while remaining completely transparent about cost. Buyers can complete a survey to determine the best home options based on their needs. Interact with floor plans, and get the information they need To decide whether they are Mayberry It is appropriate for them. “After they design and purchase their home, they can move in after just 120 days,” said the president of Mayberry Communities. Randy Goodson. “Partnering with makes sense for our market position, buyer profile, and ability to show buyers that we can build high-quality homes quickly with our advanced methods.”

More than ever, buyers are looking for affordable homes that meet their unique and sophisticated needs. As a result of the pandemic and the move to remote work, for example, Mayberry It has seen buyers move away from open-plan layouts to more enclosed spaces that allow for tranquility and privacy.

“AI is changing the real estate industry. We can provide home builders with useful real-time insights that allow them to better understand what people want from their homes while offering buyers a range of options tailored to them,” said the CEO of And co-founder Will Chang. “As the homebuilding industry continues to battle rising costs, labor shortages and volatile demand, AI can also help improve all aspects of the construction lifecycle – including design, procurement and project management – ​​reducing construction cycle times and lowering costs.”

As artificial intelligence and automation change the way we work, the sales team in Mayberry Don’t worry about AI taking over their roles. Instead, they see the opportunities it presents. “ has been pivotal in enhancing the buyer experience, ensuring it is positive and responsive for our sales partners,” said Mayberry’s head of sales. Dean Geiger. “Every qualified buyer has been extremely communicative and eagerly prepared for the next phase of their purchase or tour of our community.”

By leveraging’s advanced technology, Mayberry It sets new standards for comfort and efficiency, making it easier to find, design and purchase your new dream home.

quick Facts:

AI can better understand homebuyers’ needs at scale and use data to enhance:

  • Affordability and Flexibility: Builders have greater visibility into changing market demands and understanding of the needs of future homeowners. Keeping demand balanced helps build more affordable homes.
  • Personalized Recommendations: AI saves time and effort while providing the sales team with important knowledge and insights about each buyer.
  • Live Market Research: Accurate insights into buyer preferences allow builders and developers to quickly adapt their offerings in response to changing demands.

on Mayberry:

Mayberry, Colorado It is truly a haven for purposeful living and refined experiences, set in a tranquil environment Colorado Front range in Colorado Springs region.

Inspired by the walkable cities of the past and rich early heritage Colorado Springs, Mayberry It is set to redefine “hometown.” United States of America“Ideal. With tree-lined streets and a pedestrian-centric city centre, Mayberry It harmoniously blends modern living with nostalgic charm. Here, you can live, work and play with purpose. Spanning 110 acres, its trails, parks, playgrounds and open spaces are designed to provide entertainment just steps from your doorstep.

The upcoming 32-acre downtown promises to be the beating heart of the community, offering an array of upscale experiences – from retail stores and sidewalk cafes to mixed-use offices where you can catch up on work or catch up with friends. But what really defines it Mayberry Aside from its stunning backdrop: the stunning mountains and skyline embody its unique spirit.

About’s Build Intelligence Platform empowers home builders with real-time analytics, making it easier to make data-driven decisions. The platform has served the needs of more than 2.85 million unique buyers

More than five thousand homes were sold in major U.S. and Canadian cities, covering 24 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA). Compared to the standard contact conversion rate of 0.5%, personalization boasts a rate of 1.5% to 2.3%. Collaborating with OSC partners and leveraging AI-powered testing can accelerate sales by up to 30 days.

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