A small British village undiscovered by tourists and characterized by “quaint” round houses and a secluded beach

A small British village relatively undiscovered by tourists has begun to attract people’s attention for its picturesque country houses and secluded beaches.

The British Isles are home to many quaint coastal towns and villages, some of which go unnoticed.

The beaches near Verian are secluded and have clear waterCredit: Alamy
The famous round houses can be seen all around the villageCredit: Getty

One of those missed by tourists is Verian in Cornwall, which has been described as a “quiet idyll”.

The hamlet is part of the Roseland Peninsula, described by the National Trust as “an unspoiled landscape of cliffs, streams, woodlands and beaches”.

And the last of these is something to behold in Ferrian, with many of Cornwall’s stunning bays and coves just a stone’s throw away, including Pendower Beach, Carne Beach and rugged Kiberick Cove.

Pendower and Carne are two of the more picturesque options, with Travel Ark likening them to more exotic sites elsewhere in Europe.

They wrote: “The sea is crystal clear with white sand, shingles and stunning water colours.

“The sun was so warm we could easily have been on a Greek island.”

Although Kiberick Cove is a more visible part of the UK coast, it still has its fans, with online reviews giving it a 4.9/5 on Google Reviews.

One wrote: “It is very difficult to get to the beach. But the beauty is extraordinary.”

Another simply added: “Beautiful, quiet secluded beach.”

The Bristol Post wrote about the village earlier this month, saying its famous round houses harken back to times past.

They wrote: “The village itself is sprawling in a lovely rural way – as you drive, between two of its five famous roundhouses, Verian Green and its picturesque cottages take you back in time to a Cornwall that has disappeared elsewhere.

“Peaceful and tranquil public gardens separate the green from Verian Churchtown, the main center surrounding St Symphorian’s Church.”

The church was listed in the top five things to do in the village on TripAdvisor, and many were impressed by the building and its surroundings.

One wrote: “A wonderful church set in charming surroundings. The historic church building is well worth seeing and a short tour of the surrounding village is a must.”

On the road leading from the church there are two round houses which have become somewhat of a symbol of the village.

They are circular thatched huts that have become a unique feature of the village, since they were built by the Trieste family in the early 19th century.

According to Cornwall Online, they built it this way as a measure against the devil, and the Triestes hoped it would help prevent evil from taking over the village.

“It was believed that the circular shape would protect the village from evil, as there were no corners where the devil could hide,” they wrote.

The village is also somewhat famous for having the longest grave in the country, where the bodies of 15 German sailors are buried from head to foot in a row.

The unlucky crew all died when their ship was shipwrecked nearby in 1914.

Like all good villages, Verian has its own local pub, the New Inn pub being the last pub standing where there had been many before.

Once two country houses, it has since been a pub since the 17th century, providing locals and visitors with a place to drink and gather.

Accommodation can be found near Veryan for £64 for two people per night.

However, campsites on the Roseland Peninsula offer more affordable options.

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Meanwhile, you can sip pints while watching dolphins and whales from the pub garden in this UK seaside town.

This beach town also has dolphins, as well as sea glass.

The houses were built to protect the village from evilCredit: Getty

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