A small apartment has been cleverly renovated into a spacious bachelor’s pad

Smaller living spaces have always been more popular in densely populated cities, where there is not as much land available to build new housing. This is especially true in places like Hong Kong, where the island’s mountainous terrain also means there is no flat land to build homes on. Over the decades, locals have found that the solution is to build in, not out, giving rise to the city’s famous vertical landscape, dotted with high-rise apartment buildings.

But how can one make these small apartments more livable? This might mean creating more multi-functional spaces and choosing furniture that doesn’t take up too much space. It may also require some smart rethinking of how spaces are laid out so they don’t feel cramped and dark.

There’s more than one way to redesign a small space so it feels like a full house, as local design firm LittleMORE shows off in another overhaul of a small apartment in the Wan Chai area.

Designed aptly for a client who lives alone, the aptly named bachelor pad measures just 250 square feet, yet, in its latest incarnation, it feels relatively spacious and well-lit. As the designers note:

“Located in the core area of ​​Wan Chai City, the apartment has all the convenience of being connected to anywhere in the city without borders. The user of this apartment is a gentleman who appreciates detail and texture while also being very flexible in spatial arrangement. With the limited floor space of the building, the project was designed With the highest degree of efficiency in terms of space and distribution, which turns it into a convenient and comfortable station for the resident to fully recharge his energy and prepare for another day.

LittleMore design

Before the renovation, the tiny apartment had a partition enclosing the one bedroom behind a door. To open up the interior, the designers say they chose to knock down the wall and replace it with a half-height wall covered in glass:

“By removing the existing room partition, the entire apartments are transformed into an open-plan studio apartment with natural light flowing in from both sides of the buildings.”

Now, the main living space flows seamlessly between the lounge, dining area and bedroom located a few steps up on the deck. Full-height storage cabinets were built into one end of the space to hide clutter without taking up too much space.

LittleMore design

We love how the entertainment center is designed to look like it emerges from that last step of the platform leading to the bedroom. Although subtle, this design move transforms what is usually a bulky piece of furniture to feel more streamlined and compact.

LittleMore design

Likewise, instead of a bulky coffee table, the design opts for a lighter, smaller side table that can easily be moved out of the way if more space is needed. Sometimes, it’s the careful selection of the right furniture pieces that can make or break a small space like this.

Standing just outside the bedroom, we can see that storage has been cleverly hidden in the platform steps, as well as under the floor. This hidden storage option means that the bedroom is not cluttered with furniture.

LittleMore design

Inside the bedroom, we see that although there is not much space, the floor space remains mostly free of clutter except for a small desk, thanks to the aforementioned storage interventions hidden in the living room and in the podium.

LittleMore design

Returning to the main living area, and approaching the entrance, we caught a glimpse of the kitchen, which is long and narrow. However, the redesigned layout places the refrigerator at the end of the kitchen so it appears less cramped. Modern style counters and cabinets help create a space that feels more light and organized despite the limited space here.

LittleMore design

Near the kitchen threshold, there is also a small breakfast nook for coffee or a bite to eat.

LittleMore design

The bathroom is small but has been completely renovated to include a shower, toilet, small sink and vanity.

LittleMore design

As major cities around the world struggle with the growing pains of greater urbanization and a lack of affordable housing, many will opt for smaller living spaces out of necessity and convenience. However, as small apartment renovation projects like this show, small living spaces don’t necessarily have to be cramped and dysfunctional; In fact, with some smart, simple design decisions, they can actually feel quite comfortable. To see more, visit littleMORE Design.

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