A mother’s shock when her daughter comes home from sleepover and looks completely different

Mum Serena Rose was horrified when she received a phone call while her daughter was sleeping – and when she put it together she looked like a different baby

After sending her daughter to spend the night with her grandparents, one mother thought she could sit back and relax. But then she received a phone call.

Serena Rose picked up the phone and for a few minutes thought it was a joke. However, she soon realized that her parents were not joking and that her four-year-old daughter, Alexis, would later return to her looking completely different than when she left. This is because Alexis managed to get a pair of scissors when their backs were turned.

Serena, 28, was horrified to discover her daughter had cut off her long blonde hair and styled it in a mullet style. The baby was left alone for a few moments, during which time she managed to give herself a messy new look. Speaking to Pretty52, the mum, from Drenthe in the Netherlands, said: “I was going to send Alexis to her grandparents’ house to spend the night at home.

Alexis has been growing her hair for a long time(Caters News Agency)
But then I went to sleep(Caters News Agency)

“The next morning I got a call from them telling me she had managed to cut all of her hair off. I thought they were joking. But then I realized they hadn’t, it was really happening. And apparently she got ‘grab a pair of scissors and go crazy.’ It all happened within minutes. “There was blonde hair all over the house.”

Serena said at first she saw the funny side of the incident, but then she went crazy, because her daughter knew better. She soon began to feel sad about the loss of her daughter’s beautiful blonde locks. “I felt heartbroken,” she explained. “We’ve been growing her hair for a long time.”

Alexis got a pair of scissors(Caters News Agency)

The mother believes her daughter may have been inspired to play hairdresser after a trip to the beauty salon earlier that week. But after the initial fun wore off, the girl regretted her actions, especially since Serena had to shave off all of her hair to arrange a strange cut. She added: “I hope she has learned a lesson from what happened and never does anything like this again. Of course, I still tell her that she is beautiful no matter what she looks like. I just don’t think she is fit for a woman.” “Mullet.”

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