A Minneapolis resident wakes up to “extensive damage” to the apartment

Minneapolis — A Minneapolis apartment resident said he woke up to find his apartment hallway vandalized.

Someone entered the property late at night and did some serious damage, Quinn Ohnstad said.

“It was definitely a surprise to see my house vandalized,” Onstad said.

Onstad woke up to this at about 6 a.m. Friday, in the foyer of his home at the Soo Line Building City Apartments in downtown Minneapolis.

“I noticed a lot of broken vases,” Onstad said.

A trail of debris, not just vases, but furniture and broken glass.

“I was confused, so I immediately went and took a look and realized that someone had targeted and vandalized the property,” Onstad said.

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Ohnstad was able to find a housekeeper who contacted property management.

“I live downtown, and I realize there are risks inherent in living in a big city,” Onstad said.

Now, more than 24 hours later, Onstad said he has not received any information from property management about exactly what happened.

“It’s really concerning,” Onstad said.

“I would like to see security on site 24/7, which obviously wasn’t happening, if this happened in the early hours of the morning,” Ohnstad said.

Building management provided a statement to WCCO. The damage was not caused by an intruder, but by a resident’s guest, said Ashley Sinclair, executive vice president of marketing and brand loyalty at Village Green.

“As you can imagine, we take pride in being part of the neighborhood and having a building with unique spaces for our residents and their guests to enjoy,” Sinclair said. “However, we do not take this event lightly. We have policies and procedures through our lease that our residents are responsible for adhering to when they have guests visiting the community.”

Fortunately, Onstad said, another set of locked doors separated the hallway from his apartment.

“But it was definitely a concern, it only took one door and they could have been there,” he said.

Onstad wrote about the incident on social media with the message, “Lock your doors.”

“I certainly hope that we residents feel safe in the place we call home, because it’s a great place otherwise,” Onstad said.

Minneapolis police said they have a description of the person who caused the damage, but no arrests have been made.

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