A million dollar castle in the Oregon woods, surrounded by wineries

The castle was built in honor of the owner’s grandparents. “He’s from a prominent family in the area, and they really felt they needed a prominent residence,” explains the listing agent. John DavisWith Inogen Real Estate Company.

The 4,141-square-foot castle, built in 1999, recently topped our weekly ranking of most popular lists.

“It’s an amazing place. When you get up there, there’s a little sense of mystery and magic about it, and the views are amazing,” says Davis. “Everyone has the same kind of reaction to it, which is, ‘Oh my God, really?'”

the outside

A.G. McGarry

External back

A.G. McGarry

Living/residence place

A.G. McGarry

Sitting area

A.G. McGarry


A.G. McGarry

Davis says there is a lot of interest in the house, which will require some finishing touches.

“The tower is very interesting. There is nothing built inside the tower. It was a project that was put on hold.” “You look up there, and it’s like a pipe. When people come and look at it, they say they wish they could walk there and look around.

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Davis suggests building stairs inside to make it an elevated place worthy of a princess.

“There were a couple of (potential) buyers who had big dreams surrounding this property,” he explains. “They talked about clarifying the vision a little bit and improving the tower so you could have a beautiful place there to enjoy it.” Kind of hang out and get more exposure.


A.G. McGarry

Private road

A.G. McGarry


A.G. McGarry

The castle sits on 6.84 acres in a grape-friendly area dotted with wineries. It’s a place where the owner wants to relax with a glass of local Pinot Noir.

“It’s a hilltop castle nestled among the trees, and it’s very private,” says Davis.

He continues, saying: It is so hidden, many people living in the area had no idea the castle was here.

“The reaction I’m getting is incredible. I wasn’t sure when I listed it that people would react immediately, but it is. “I think it’s captured the imagination of the area. Eugene is not known for its architectural marvels. “Discovering a castle on top of a hill in the forest has been an inspiration to many people.”

Davis says the vendors are working to resolve some outstanding issues, including a possible leak in the roof that is causing some discoloration on the interior walls. Overall, the house is in solid condition.

“The owner has been working on it for a long time. I think he’s looking for someone to take on the challenge of making it the centerpiece of the area,” he says.

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