A Guide to Los Feliz, Los Angeles: What to Do, See, and Eat

One of the greatest debates about Los Feliz is how to pronounce it: some Angelenos say “Los FEE-lus,” while others prefer the Spanish pronunciation of “Los Fey-LEASE.” It’s a constant brawl that can distract from the area itself, which is a shame because what it offers is so rare.

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Get to know Los Angeles through the places that bring it to life. From restaurants to shops to outdoor spaces, here’s what you can discover now.

There aren’t many neighborhoods in Los Angeles where you can watch a movie, listen to your favorite author talk about his latest book, go for a walk, attend a live concert, shop for the latest trends and pick up your weekly groceries, all without having to The need to get out of your community. Not to mention without having to hop in your car. This is perhaps the biggest draw of Los Feliz: there’s no need to leave unless you want to. And you will risk losing the coveted parking spot anyway.

“A lot of my joy in being in L.A. is being able to get out of my apartment and go to Griffith Park,” said David Montgomery, selling his artwork Saturday afternoon at the Los Feliz Flea. Shoppers were browsing his local prints — where Montgomery, the self-proclaimed “Mayor of Los Feliz,” painted everything from the historic Good Luck Bar to a view of Interstate 5 from Los Feliz Boulevard to the late mountain lion P-22, who lived in Griffith Park.

Montgomery found his current home in Los Feliz after escaping his nightmarish roommate — and never looked back. “I just got lucky,” he said. “A guy at Griffith Park and Los Feliz (streets) had a room for rent, and I was like, ‘Okay, let me test this out.’ And I was like, ‘What’s all this about?’ Then I found the (Los Feliz 3) theater and I watched La La Land on that little screen and I felt like… This place is so charming.

Nestled between the celebrity-filled Hollywood Hills and trendy Silver Lake, Los Feliz appreciates both the old and the new: On the busy strip of Hillhurst Avenue, grab a matcha latte at the TikTok-approved shop. Maru coffeewhich always contains a line outside or at House of pancakes in Vermont, which has been around since 1969 – and both are equally respected.

The neighborhood is rich in history: a young Walt Disney started his own animation studio in his uncle’s Los Feliz garage and opened the original Walt Disney Studios there. (The site is now photo shop Extra Copy and skate shop Kingswell, both of which display references to their relationship with the mouse.) And if you look close enough, you can spot homes designed by famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright (famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright). Ennis And the marshmallow houses) and Rafael Soriano (Gogol’s house).

Head over Franklin Hillsa smaller neighborhood in Los Feliz, and you’ll see the Gothic style Shakespeare Bridge (which has almost no relation to the famous writer), built in 1926 and located just a few blocks from John Marshall High School, mimics the same gargoyle-like design and has been the backdrop for numerous films and TV shows, including “Grease” and “The Wonder Years.” “.

On Vermont Street, you can see the Dresden Room, where the famous jazz duo Marty and Ellen Roberts sang to audiences six nights a week for nearly 40 years until Marty died in January 2022. (Dresden still hosts jazz shows a few nights a week.) A short walk away is Palermo Italian Restaurant, run by its charismatic owner, Tony Vanara, who ran for governor in 2022 and received nearly 6,500 votes.

Caroline Trujillo’s appreciation for Los Feliz is due to her daily routine, which often includes wandering the entire area, hiking the Griffith Park If she’s feeling ambitious and grabs an iced coffee All timeWhere she likes to people watch.

“I love being able to walk Barnsdall Park“The ability to incorporate that into a daily part of my life — just sitting in the park and reading, or turning on my Nintendo Switch and being able to watch Sunset – very relaxing.”

These kind of amenities make it difficult to leave Los Feliz – and fortunately, you don’t have to. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure, catching up with friends or hanging out with family, there are a plethora of things to keep you entertained on this side of town. Maybe you’ll settle in like Montgomery, who wrote that he “wouldn’t get past the 405 even if you paid me.”

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What is included in this guide

Anyone who lives in a major city can tell you that neighborhoods are tough. They are eternally malleable and raise social questions about how we place our homes, our neighbors, and our communities within a broader fabric. In the name of neighborly generosity, we’ve included gems that might otherwise remain outside technical standards. Instead of relying on strict definitions, we hope to celebrate all the places that make us love where we live.

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