A Birmingham mansion is now looking like a ‘crack den’ after the family rented out the rooms

A Birmingham mansion wedding venue, which has tried to claw back revenue lost during the pandemic by renting out rooms, has said it will tighten restrictions on making individual bookings after guests left it looking like a “cracked den”. Berrow Court, the former Edgbaston home of politician Joseph Chamberlain, has been closed for two years during the lockdowns and bosses plan to claw back some of the money by making the impressive building available to more guests.

However, the venue’s hopes of making up for the lost money resulted in huge repair bills thanks to disrespectful visitors who used drugs in the room and became violent when confronted. The Grade II listed Victorian mansion has ten rooms to accommodate wedding guests, some of which Berrow Court opened for individual bookings earlier this year.

Bosses say some guests showed a “complete disregard for the property”, trashed rooms and left them in a “terrible state”. The final straw came when one of the guests vandalized the room before things got physical.

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Peruvian court(Photo: Peru Court)

Berrow Court explained that the guest had to be “forced away” after he became “violent and aggressive” when a member of staff asked him to leave. A palace spokesman said the room was left looking like a “crack den” with drug paraphernalia strewn across the room.

They said: “After being closed for almost two years during lockdown, we thought it would help bring some much needed revenue into the venue. “The damage caused by guests has left us with a huge repair bill.

“It has been a difficult and challenging time. We are very fortunate to still be open as a lot of wedding and event venues have ground to a halt during the pandemic.”

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