$9 million condo near Golden Beach and shopping at Publix

Lionel Messi wasted no time settling into life in Miami as he mingled with the locals in South Beach.

The soccer star arrived in Miami on Tuesday before his impending move from Major League Soccer to Inter Miami was officially confirmed.

The World Cup winner has already been spotted in the city as he and his family adjust to their new home.

But the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner does not live a flashy lifestyle like other Miami stars or fellow footballers, instead choosing to spend time with his wife Antonella and their three sons Matteo, Thiago and Ciro.

Messi is set to earn $54 million annually, but he won’t be spending his money on groceries as the local supermarket seems to be fine.

Lionel Messi, his wife Antonella, and their three children arrived in Miami on Tuesday
The family was seen doing their grocery shopping at a local supermarket on Thursday
Antonella, Messi’s glamorous wife, was also seen with her husband

The Macy family were seen doing their grocery shopping on Thursday night at US supermarket chain Publix on only its second day in South Florida.

The family appeared to be embracing American culture as Macy was seen pushing a cart at the grocery store checkout with different types of cereal including Lucky Charms from General Mills and Fruit Loops from Kellogg’s.

The family’s trip to the store came one day after they were spotted having dinner at one of SoFlo’s hot spots.

On Wednesday night, Messi tried to leave the Italian restaurant Café Prima Pasta in Miami Beach through the back door with Antonella Roccuzzo and their children, while his father Jorge appeared to be with them as well.

This Italian restaurant has been open since 1993, and is no stranger to wining and dining celebrities, such as NBA legend Michael Jordan, Pitbull, and actor Michael Caine having dined there in the past.

But that wouldn’t have affected Messi’s millions, because the most expensive main course on the menu was skirt steak served with truffle fries and grilled asparagus at $36.95.

Despite trying to make a sneaky exit, Messi was swarmed by the crowd, with one enthusiastic fan even kissing him on the cheek.

But despite the commotion, the family seemed unfazed as Antonella led her children to the car and her husband followed while taking the occasional selfie.

After their adventures in Miami, the family will likely return to their $9 million apartment, where they are believed to be staying.

Messi was vacationing in the Caribbean with Antonella and their three children
Messi looked like any other shopper walking the supermarket aisles with his family
On Wednesday night, Messi had dinner at Italian restaurant Café Prima Pasta in Miami Beach
Messi was kissed on the cheek while leaving a Miami restaurant with his family on Wednesday
The Macy’s building overlooks Sunny Isle Beach and the city of Miami, in addition to the beach

The Argentine had already owned an apartment in Miami for a number of years.

According to Spanish outlet Cadena Ser, the World Cup winner has purchased an apartment in Miami in the Porsche Design Tower since 2019.

The Porsche Design Tower, built in 2017, is the ideal place for the family to settle in America, as the striker wants his three children to go to high school in the United States before going to university.

The 60-story tower is located between Bal Harbor and Aventura, and 25 minutes from Inter Miami Stadium.

It offers residents stunning views of the surrounding area, including Miami Beach, which is located just seconds from the tower.

The building includes several lifts designed exclusively for residents’ cars, allowing owners to park their cars in their exclusive suite.

In addition to car lifts, the apartment has its own restaurant and outdoor lounge facing the sea.

Messi’s stunning new home also includes a cinema, golf and racing simulators, providing ideal leisure opportunities for his family.

Miami’s new power duo? Antonella Roccuzzo and Messi already own an apartment worth $9 million
The luxury apartment has its own restaurant and outdoor lounge facing the sea
A view of the car elevators during the grand opening ceremony of the Porsche Design Tower in Miami

A general view during the grand opening of the Porsche Design Tower, Messi’s new home

He’s not far from a familiar face either. His friend and former international teammate Sergio Aguero is said to be living in Hollywood, Miami after he and girlfriend Sofia Calzetti bought a $15 million waterfront mansion.

Meanwhile, other stars have splashed out on luxury properties in the area, with Tom Brady and his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen spending $17 million building a mansion in Billionaire Bunker, and the supermodel even paying $11 million for a property across the water following their divorce. .

Macy is also expected to follow Bündchen and Brady in sending their brood to the same school.

Messi has already spent a vacation with his family in South Florida in 2021.

Photos from his Instagram account show him swimming with his wife, Roccuzzo, and their three sons, Thiago (born 2012), Matteo (2015), and Ciro (2018).

Later, Messi was seen at a local restaurant, where he was swarmed by fans, who appeared to be quite familiar with the foreign visitor.

The city is also home to one of the largest Latino populations in America, and according to the National Association of Realtors, more than half of foreign real estate buyers in Miami come from Latin America.

Furthermore, as of 2010, approximately 9% of Miami’s population was of South American descent.

Messi’s wife, Antonella, with two of his sons, Thiago and Matteo, on holiday in Miami

“When people feel like they want to put money into a safe investment, they think about the luxury condo market in Miami and Miami Beach,” John Stewart, a professor at Florida International University’s College of Architecture and Arts, told AFP in 2017.

Messi rejected a return to Barcelona and the Saudi millions to move to Miami, but the decision may have had financial motivations of its own.

His contract will reportedly be partly funded by Adidas, which will give him a share of the jerseys it sells bearing his name, and Apple TV, which will share the money earned from MLS TV subscriptions.

But if his start to life in Miami is anything to go by, he’s quite content not to spend big money, preferring the simple life.

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