7 Spanish style home exterior design ideas

7 Spanish style home exterior design ideas

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Sure, a log cabin is cozy, but have you ever been to a Spanish-style home? The earthy palette, natural materials and organic shapes instantly envelop you in a warm, nest-like space. However, what's most unusual about Spanish-style homes compared to other architectural styles is that the exteriors are just as cozy. Think: terracotta-tiled roofs, sides covered in creamy white stucco (which doubles as a sun reflector in warmer climates), and dark wood support beams that often hold storybook-worthy balconies. While many of the upcoming spaces are nowhere near as old as the Colonial versions that inspired them (most Spanish-style homes in the United States were built in the last 150 years in places like California, Florida, and the Southwest), these seven homes' exteriors still reflect cosmopolitan charm. Old from the inside out.

Simple Spanish style house exterior design

Before Joel Kuttner and Jesse Rudolph, founders of design studio Ome Dezin, entered the picture, the backyard of this Los Angeles home was an uninspiring concrete slab, the banisters were a rusty brown, and the facade was practically yellow. The new facelift included smoothing the stucco siding and painting it white, replacing the upper railings with curvy iron balustrades, and laying brick.

Spanish style house exterior design interior and exterior

When designer Lindye Galloway began working on her dream building from the ground, she knew exactly how she wanted to design her Spanish Colonial: a U-shape that gave way to a central courtyard with a swimming pool. To take advantage of this arrangement, she has a living room on one side and a dining area on the other, both partially covered and with curtains that can be left open or closed depending on the weather.

Exterior of the Spanish style duplex house

The strength of this strong architectural language is that it can easily tie together two buildings that might otherwise feel disjointed. This was the case for client Ashley Clark in Newport Beach, California, who bought two homes next to each other and wanted them to feel easily connected—and not just by the driveways.

Spanish style desert house exterior

The greater Palm Springs area is known for its mid-century modern architecture, but when Strange eye Host and designer Bobby Berk set out searching for his home, landing on this Spanish-inspired gem overlooking the Coachella Valley. Since the house doubles as an Airbnb, Burke decided to give the exterior a hotel-worthy upgrade with lighted palm trees, exotic plantings, two outdoor bars, a bocce ball court, and a fire pit.

The exterior of the one-story house is in Spanish style

Writer-director Meredith Chen's three-bedroom home may not be large, but the way she uses her outdoor space is He is. Many evenings she sets up a display in the yard and turns the terracotta-paved area into an outdoor stage, often showing her work for the first time.

In reality Spanish The exterior of the house is in Spanish style

No wonder the owner of this Ibiza home saw it once – just for a few minutes – before she decided to buy it. The country house is practically designed to do absolutely nothing (if doing nothing means swimming in the pool and reading a book in the Mediterranean sun). The natural stone patio features the hammered finish characteristic of homes in the island's historic district.

Spanish style home exterior design by Green Thumb

Singer Drew Cohen believes that whoever painted the front of his house before he and his wife moved in must have lost the original color. “It was like eight different colors of salmon,” he recalls. While painting everything one cohesive color was a major shock, the couple now feels like they have their own “personal version of Chateau Marmont,” with plenty of sun-loving plants, string lights, and striped seating.

(Signs for translation) The basic house

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