Fashion brands, from Bvlgari and Armani to Diesel and Fendi, are no strangers to interior design, and many are even entering the lucrative world of design. Branded real estate category. It is also not uncommon for global luxury brands to have home and textile departments or to be involved in designing homes for their high-profile clients. Interior designers, who work to create unique spaces to suit and represent their clients’ preferences and styles, also sometimes turn to high-end fashion brands to create chic and unique spaces, whether it’s a sofa covered in Chanel tweed jackets, a Louis Vuitton-themed office, or a library. Covered with Hermes wallpaper.

On the occasion of fashion month, Rob reports It brought together seven stunning homes around the world infused with distinctive modern touches. Some homes are owned by avid collectors and fashion designers, while others are outfitted with perfect leathers, fabrics and textures reminiscent of the homeowners’ favorite handbags. Read on to find out about these gorgeous modern homes.