6 kitchen cabinet ideas that will make spaces look expensive

When it comes to kitchen cabinet trends, we see designers taking these elements in one of two directions. On one side of the coin, cabinets are becoming more discreet, camouflaged in a space in such a way that the functional nature of your kitchen is hidden from view – creating simpler kitchen spaces. Cabinetry, on the other hand, has become more decorative, with many more options now available than a basic slab or Shaker-style door.

While these modern kitchen ideas may seem at odds with each other, they achieve the same end goal – they make these kitchens look expensive. If you’re looking to lift your kitchen cabinets when planning a remodel, here’s what interior designers say you should do.

1. Think “invisible” kitchen storage.

Kitchen with seamless cabinet design

(Image credit: Alex Lukey. Studio credit TwoFold Interiors)

If you’re remodeling a kitchen and wondering how to make the space always look clean, tidy and organized, a great way to do this is with hidden storage, which has a seamless exterior. By mixing all the cabinets together in one material, you can make the room look upscale and sophisticated.

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