4 interior designers on their favorite kitchen projects |

There is an endless amount of kitchen inspiration out there. We can create mood board after mood board from all the wonderful spaces we encounter every day. Which is great yes, but when designing a kitchen, it can be a bit difficult to decide on a kitchen style, color scheme or layout. So one way we like to get a snippet of perfectly designed kitchen inspiration is to ask designers about their favorite projects to work on.

These are the spaces you really want to look at, the ones the designer was passionate about. So we asked some H&G Favorite designers to talk to us about the kitchen projects they liked working on best, as well as the tips you can get.

Plan your layout carefully to make the most of the space

Small pink and green kitchen

(Image credit: Alicia White)

“This is a small kitchen in a London house, and the client also wanted to fit a small corner banquette with a small round table for breakfast in the morning or an informal dinner for two to three people,” explains Lucy Sir Barlow, CEO of the company. -Founder of Barlow and Barlow.

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