16 of Wayfair's Best Tiny Houses (Free Shipping Included)

16 of Wayfair's Best Tiny Houses (Free Shipping Included)

This cozy cottage is designed for easy installation with paneled partitions. Even moving house will be easy with the help of the double side door to bring larger furniture or garden equipment you want to store.


Place your favorite rocking chair on the porch and enjoy the great outdoors surrounding your new tiny house. Wood paneling and double doors create the look of a mountain cabin.

A house in the form of a hut

Spend your morning sipping coffee on the balcony or planting flowers in window boxes. This farmhouse is waterproof to keep you warm and dry inside on a rainy day.

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Useful Home Products 12×24 Wood Storage Shed DIY

12x24 do-it-yourself wood storage shed

This spacious garage-style shed features numerous windows and double doors allowing easy access to large equipment. Its pressure-treated and water-resistant wood makes it durable enough to withstand inclement weather. It is lockable for added security. You'll have to add your own flooring, but the manufacturer points out that this can allow you to customize it with a sturdy surface like concrete.


Outdoor living today shed


Feel like you're living in a resort's beachfront cabana with this unique, five-sided tiny house. With windows on three sides, you can position your home to watch the sunrise from your east side window and end your day watching the sunset through your west side window.


Sunshed outdoor life today


This tiny house offers a little extra space compared to other layouts so you can spend the day working from home at the built-in workbench and enjoy a quiet night listening to the rain fall on the metal roof. Build your home in a picturesque location to enjoy the beauty of the home's 12 casement windows and Dutch door every day.

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Today's outdoor living studio


Whether you're looking for a creative studio or want to live in a tiny house with a view, this modern cedar shed features two large windows to take in all the beauty that lies before you — plus three additional transom windows for extra sunlight.


Handy Home Astoria 12' W x 24' D Wood Storage Shed

Astoria 12' W x 24' D Wood Storage Shed

If a tiny house seems too small for your comfort level, choose a house on the wider side of the tiny house scale with this 12' x 24' wood shed that will create space to divide your place into sections. Double doors make bringing larger pieces of furniture into your space, like a sofa, an easy step.


Handy Home Windemere Storage Shed measures 10' wide x 12' deep

Windemere Storage Shed 10' W x 12' D

You don't have to rule out having a tiny house just because you're tall. This modern home has 10-foot ceilings so you (or your tall guests) can avoid bending over to walk around comfortably.

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Best Barnes Easton Storage Shed

Easton storage shed

This easy-to-build kit comes with clear step-by-step instructions for building your tiny house. With a width of 16 feet, this double window design can be divided or divided to provide privacy or customize different spaces such as the bedroom or living area.


YardCraft 10' W x 18' D Fabricated Wood Storage Shed

Manufactured wood storage shed measuring 10' wide x 18' deep

This traditional-style storage shed has a bunch of the bells and whistles you want in a tiny house: ventilation, shutters, door lock, and double doors. Although this also has a floor, keep in mind that you will need to purchase or build a foundation separately.


Cedarshed Gardener 6' x 6' Western Red Cedar Storage Shed


Although tiny homes can be distinctively small, what this miniature version lacks in size it makes up for in features. Features a window for natural light and ventilation, plus a gorgeous flower box included. Additionally, it comes with wood paneling, shutters, and flooring for a more livable setup once built.

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ACEM 8' W x 12' D Hobby Greenhouse

8' wide x 12' deep Hobby Greenhouse

This clear greenhouse is great for plant parents. While it can safely store greenery with its durable PC panels and rain gutters, it can also serve as a sunroom thanks to its UV-resistant construction and strong ventilation.


Useful Home Products Palisade 12×8 DIY Floor Wood Storage Shed

Palisade 12x8 Wood Storage Shed with Floor

A tiny home with a modern aesthetic, this model features a studio-style design and contemporary barn-style sliding doors. It features four transom windows above the door that provide plenty of sunlight. They are made with treated wood siding designed to resist mildew and rot. You need to purchase the shingles separately.

The club

This 8' x 12' hideaway is a great solution for tiny house dwellers looking for a small, secluded space connected to the outdoors. The cozy front porch is a great place to spend warm summer evenings.

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Handy Home Beachwood Wooden Storage Shed Measures 8' W x 12' D

Beechwood Wooden Storage Shed Measures 8' W x 12' D

Build a custom foundation wherever you choose to set up your home with this double-door tiny house featuring a mirrored roof. Windows placed above the door provide additional space for natural sunlight to enter.

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