12 more log cabins are coming to Kinmundy Log Cabin Village

President of Kinmundy Promotions, Inc. announced About the arrival of dozens of additional log cabins at Log Cabin Village.

David Hanks made the announcement over the weekend of the first weekend of the Log Cabin Fall Festival, which attracted more than 7,000 people.

He says the additional cabins come from another log village in Oakland, Illinois, that closed after the father and son who were working on assembling the project died.

“One of them was local. It was the Barksdale cabin that came out east of Alma. That’s when they first called me to see if we’d be interested in that cabin. We looked at them and told them we’d bring them all here if it would make them happy. So we’re going to put them all in their little village We have a subdivision for log cabins.

For tax purposes, Hanks says, they need to have all the cabins in place at their Auckland location by the end of the year. He estimates it will take five to ten years to put all the cabins in their new location.

“Most of them are one room. We have a big cabin for Dog Trot coming in and one with a summer kitchen.

Volunteers successfully installed two more new cabins brought in from various places in Clay County. They were donated for preservation. Since last year’s festival, a new roof has been put on another cabin that was in poor condition along with other improvements.

Hanks says the nonprofit group is looking for more people to help with the restoration work.

Kinmundy Promotions debuted working toward park improvements in Kinmundy and helping to maintain Labor Day celebrations. They were later able to work with the Shriners to purchase Log Cabin Village after the Ingram family deeded to them the land that started the village.

Hanks reported that Saturday’s paid attendance was a record high, exceeding 4,000 people. At one point, traffic was backed up to Route 37 in Kinmondi waiting to enter. Another 3,250 attended on Sunday.

The Fall Festival will be held again next Saturday and Sunday. There will again be about 150 vendors.

General Store Building.

Making butter. From left to right: Sarah and Ezra Bridges in Kinmundi.

Nancy Hanna inside Anderson’s cabin that was used by the cobbler.

Salem Delsimer’s group plays for the audience. From left to right: Susan Smith, Lynn Larimore, and Rick McCollum.

The table was set next to the fireplace in one of the cabins.

Rope making. Jerry Johnson of Pinckneyville (right) shares the art of rope making with Corey McIlroy of Varina.

Bring dinner. Olivia Burkey and Graham Taylor chop vegetables.

There is also a prison in Log Cabin Village.

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